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DAY 1 : Marrakech-Ouarzazate - Agdz - Draa Valley - Zagora

Departure from Marrakech to the High Atlas. In transit, we will visit the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, lunch in Ouarzazate and after that, we will take a course towards the Kasbah of the Storks and we will have an all-encompassing perspective of the lake. At that point, we will go to Agdez (stop in Agdz for a short break) through the port of Tizi-n-Tinififft (1660 meters above sea level). At that point, we will take the track that prompts the Kasbah of Alkaid Ali in Tamnougale. Towards the evening, we will proceed with our 4×4 crossing the Draa Valley, where palm forests and ksours take us to our goal Zagora (arrival at night). Supper and overnight in Zagora.




DAY 2 : Zagora - Library Of Tamegroute - Mhamid El Ghizlan - Erg Chegaga Desert

Departure in the morning to Tamegroute which is the ultimate agglomeration of the province of Zagora: a beautiful city of a thousand inhabitants, houses clay intertwined in one another at the edge of a palm plantation, One of the last in the Draa Valley. But nothing could distinguis h Tamegroute from hundreds of ksour (fortified villages), scattered in the great south, if there was no zawiya, a holy place sheltering a religious brotherhood: only twenty of these sites still exist in Morocco. Tamegroute, founded in the 17th century, is the headquarters of the important brotherhood Naciri, the city surrounded by lush oases. The Valley knew its glory time under the Saadians (1554-1659) with the apogee of the trans-Saharan trade. It is populated by Arabs, Berbers, and descendants of slaves. Today, the Zawiya is still headed by a descendant of the founder, Imam Sidi Mohammed Ben Nacer. The scholar was a theologian, a famous scholar, a physician, passionate about the diseases of the soul and mental problems. He had the ambition to contribute to the cultivation of shepherds and farmers of the Draa. He made six pilgrimages to Mecca. Each journey is transformed into a journey of several years: the scholar traveled through Ethiopia, Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Persia and arrived at the confines of the Indies. He produced countless books written in the Islamic world and decided to create a Koranic university: it would receive more than 1,500 students who have come from all over the East. When it disappeared, in the year 1085 Hegri (1707 of the Christian era), the library of Tamegroute, with its 4,000 books, was one of the richest in North Africa.we will then Visit the ceramics craftsman and the underground kasbah. After we will resume our way to the oasis of Tagouenite by Ait Isfoul, arrival to Mhamid el Ghizlan and lunch on the way. At that point, we will take a trail towards the hills of Chegaga to appreciate the dusk over the ridges. Supper and night under the tent (Khaima).


DAY 3 : Erg Chegaga -Lago Iriki- Foum Zguit -Foum Louad- Taznakhte - Anzal-Ait Benhaddou

We Wake up right in time to see the sunrise over the dunes. After having breakfast, we will leave to Foum Zguit passing by nomads who live in tents, passing by the dry lake of iriqui and a desert full of acacias. (Picnic in an oasis). after resting for a while, We will proceed with our road to ait Benhadou via foum loud ,Taznakhte,anzal.


DAY 4 : Ksabah Ait Benhaddou- Kasbah Tamdakht-Kasbat Tilwat-Marrakech

In the morning, you can see the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou (announced Humanity heritage by UNESCO in 1987), a fenced area in a fortified village that you will clearly perceive, as this bastion has been the scene of such acclaimed films. Gladiator, Sahara, Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, among many others, we will take the road to Kasbah Tamdakht taking pictures and we go to Kasbah Tilwat which is a famous place where a great basha of Marrakech named Basha Lglaoui lived.It is a very wonderful place where we can rest and take pictures;then,we will return back to Marrakech peacefully.



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